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Seminar : The Power of Patriotism

“This is a movement to honour and uphold the Federal Constitution and to ensure that it is preserved, protected and defended.

Let us raise our voices and our flags and proclaim our loyalty to the Constitution and to our beloved nation.”

Jalur Gemilang Patriotic Seminar Speakers
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Come with your patriotic heart.

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Exercising the power of a patriot

We, the Rakyat, recognising that the Federal Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Federation must urge and demand full commitment to the independence of the institutions in our Constitutional democracy. We see some of our elected representatives undermining these cherished values almost beyond the point of redemption.

What does “PROTECT” the constitution mean?
An example
When our country is robbed by thieves, the authorities must act. It should be a simple case between a thief and the police, the law and the accused. Yet it is politicised.

Why aren’t the politicians and the authorities defending the Constitution? When there is a theft of the country’s resources, we must defend the country. When we are attacked, we must defend. That must be the official position of our country.

“Let’s Hold Our Elected Representatives to their oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. ”

Location How to get there

Organizers and personalities are participating on personal capacity. The venue/s are not directly associated to this seminar.

Terms and Conditions

Attendees must adhere to ground rules.

  • No political party t-shirts, flags or chanting of party names or leaders in support of or against.
  • Those who behave in or unruly fashion will be escorted out and will not be admitted to the seminar.
  • No weapons or drugs allowed.


Organizers will not be liable for any injuries, destruction of property or loss of life. Organizers will not be held liable for any and all consequences due to participants’ provocation.